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Weekly Speech and Language Activity

Bug-Themed Speech and Language Activities

ant, bug

Ok, what little boy doesn’t love bugs?  They may not be your favorite subject, but if you are trying to help a little boy improve his speech or language skills, he’s going to love these activities!  Give them a try! Go on a Bug Hunt! (Descriptors, following directions, writing) Help your little guy go on [...]

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Working on Speech and Language in Your Morning Routine

Working Speech and Language into your Morning Routine

If you’re like most busy parents, it’s hard to find time to work on speech and language skills with your child.  Here are some fun activities that will help you work speech and language in your morning routine.  Each part of the morning has activities for younger and older children so keep looking if the [...]

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Pool Activities for Speech and Language Development

Speech and Language Activities for the Swimming Pool

Yay Summer time!!  It’s time for Summer break and spending days at the pool.  Make sure not to lose all of those great speech and language skills just because it’s summer.  You can keep up your practice by working on speech and language with these pool activities! Pool Activities One: Preparing for the Pool: Vocabulary, [...]

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Mother’s Day Activities for Speech and Language Development

Mother's Day Themed Speech and Language Activities

Ok some of these Mother’s Day activities may seem a little self-appreciating since a lot of my readers are the mothers of the children they’re working with, but hey, it’s Mother’s Day so you deserve it!  Check out these fun ways to celebrate mothers while improving speech and language skills! Mother’s Day Activities One: Make [...]

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Arbor Day Activities for Speech and Language

Arbor Day-Themed Speech and Language Activities

Did you know that Arbor Day happens in the Spring?  I’d tell you an exact date but it’s different for every state.  Check out this website that will tell you when your state celebrates Arbor Day.  Arbor Day comes to us from Nebraska who decided that they were sad that they didn’t have as many [...]

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