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Activities and Resources For Parents and Supporters of Children with Speech and Language Delays

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Working on Speech and Language in Your Morning Routine

Working Speech and Language into your Morning Routine

If you’re like most busy parents, it’s hard to find time to work on speech and language skills with your child.  Here are some fun activities that will help you work speech and language in your morning routine.  Each part of the morning has activities for younger and older children so keep looking if the [...]

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Restaurant Activities for Speech and Language

Restaurant-Ready Speech and Language Activities

If you’re anything like me, you love going out to eat!  But all that wait time at restaurants can get hard for children, especially those with attention problems.  Well, good news!  You can work on speech and language skills while waiting for dinner and keep your child occupied in the meantime!  Try these restaurant activities [...]

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How To Get A Child Following Directions

How To Get Your Child to Follow Directions

Do your child’s language delays cause him to have difficulty following directions?  This can make it very hard to get through your daily routines and get through errands without meltdowns and problems.  Follow these steps to help teach your child to follow directions at home and in public. 1. Make a List of Common Directions [...]

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Working on Speech and Language During Meals

Working Speech and Language Skills Into Meal Time

Are you interested in working on your child’s speech and language skills but don’t have the time to do it?  Here are some fun ways you can work on speech and language during meals and snacks that you have every day! Speech and Language During Meals #1: Request Foods You can have your child work [...]

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How to work speech and language into your bedtime routine

Tips for working speech and language skills into your bedtime routine

If you’re like most parents of children with speech and language delays, you would probably love to work on your child’s communication skills more but don’t have the time.  Here are some fun ways to work speech and language skills into the bedtime routine you do every day. Bedtime Routine #1: Bath Time Labeling objects: [...]

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