Speech Sound Disorders

/Speech Sound Disorders

SOTB5: Lateral Lisp Therapy with Meredith Avren

SOTB4: Tongue Thrust Therapy with Laura Powell

SOTB3: Young, Unintelligible Children with Kari Vandongen

SOTB1: Speech Therapy Motivators with Guest Luke Barber

Using RTI for Speech Sound Errors

How To Treat Unstressed Syllable Deletion

  • Speech Therapy for a Frontal Lisp

Speech Therapy for a Frontal Lisp

  • final consonant deletion

Final Consonant Deletion

  • how to increase self-awareness and carry-over

How to Increase Self-Awareness and Carry-Over

  • how to teach the /r/ sound

How to Teach the /r/ Sound with Christine Ristuccia