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Welcome to the Speechie Show! Being a speech language pathologist often means having too much work and not enough planning time. To beat the overwhelm, we’re bringing you the tricks and tools that will make your job a little bit easier.

Carrie:  Hey everybody welcome to The Speechie show. I am your host Carrie Clark from and today I am answering your questions about speech and language therapy and all things related. So, I am on today live on Facebook. You may also be watching the recording or listening to the recording of this after the fact. And if so, thank you for watching. I’m going to answer some questions today on the call and we’re just going to hit whatever topics people have questions with.

So, if you are on here with me live right now, go ahead and type in your speech language question and I will start answering them as they come in. I will answer questions about whatever you have. So, go ahead and type your questions in now.

If you are new to the Speechie Show, this is a show that I do every week. I do it Monday afternoons on Facebook Live and usually I have a co-host, which is in the form of my computer monitor. Usually I’m talking to my monitor, but I’ve got another fabulous speech language pathologist on with me and we usually give out about 5 tips on whatever the topic the other speech language pathologist happens to be an expert on. But today, we’re doing a solo show. You just get me and I’m answering your questions.

So, go ahead and type your questions in now and I will be answering those as they come in. And also, if you’re on here with us live, make sure you stick around. I am going to do a giveaway at the end of the show. I’m going to give away 2 free months in the speech therapy solution, which is my premium membership site for speech language pathologists. I answer questions in there too. So, if you have more questions, that’s definitely where you want to be. So, will get you more information about the membership. But I will be giving away 2 free months here in just a little bit after we answer the questions.

So, let’s jump right in.

First questions: Do you have advice about treating stuttering in a 5-year-old girl who has some morphosyntax and sentence structure difficulty? What method do you like to use for stuttering?

Ok, so I’m going to take this in two parts. So, the first question I’m hearing is, we’ve got stuttering and morphosyntax and sentence structure problems. Which one do you work on? So, I think it’s really important to try to get clear on, is there a language disorder, or are the sentence structure difficulties a function of the stuttering. And if that is the case, you maybe want to look and see if there is some cluttering. So, I would do some deep digging and try to figure out, do we have stuttering and a language problem? Or do we have more of a language formulation dysfluency, where they’re having trouble putting the sentences together fluently as a function of stuttering. If it’s two separate problems and you have some language problems in addition to stuttering I would…this is very dependent on the child. Sometimes I would do it at the same time, where we do half of our session on stuttering and half on language. If it’s a child who really can’t multi task like that, you may want to focus on one or the other. And if that’s the case, I would focus on the one that is impacting their intelligibility the most. So, if they have really significant disfluencies, I’d start there. Or if the disfluencies…

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