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My name is Carrie Clark and I am a speech-language pathologist from Missouri (USA).  If you are new to the word of speech and language delays, disorders, and therapies (or if you’re just new to this site), you’ve come to the right place.

This page will serve as a jumping off point for you to the rest of this website.  There are several articles that will help give you an overview of speech and language as well as many more that will get you started on the right path.  Browse through to get started.

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to email me at Carrie@SpeechAndLanguageKids.com

Overview of Speech and Language Disorders

Parent’s Guide to Speech and Language Disorders

Overview of Speech and Language Disorders

What is Speech Therapy?

What is Language Therapy?

Overview Of Feeding and Swallowing

Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing Disorders: The Basics

Tips for Improving Speech and Language Skills

7 Easy Things You Can Do Today to Improve Speech and Language Skills

How to Help a Child with a Speech Delay

7 Tips for Working with a Child with a Language Delay

Carrie’s Top Resources and Tools for Speech Therapy

How to Do Speech Therapy at Home

Speech Therapy at Home Overview

How to Do Speech Therapy at Home

How Long Should Your Speech Practice Sessions Last?

5 Quick Steps You Can Take To Get a Child Interested in Therapy

How to Make Speech Therapy More Fun (At home!)

How to Teach a Child Any New Skill By Fading Supports

How Does Speech Therapy at School Work?

Overview of IEP Plans

Parent Rights in the IEP Process

How to Teach Speech and Language Skills?

  • This e-book contains lesson plans and step-by-step instructions for teaching 39 different speech and language skills.  This e-book will make it easy for you to teach your child new speech and language skills.  It also helps you decide which skills to work on first:

Speech and Language Therapy Guide

  • This e-book will show you how to teach a child a new speech sound from start to finish:

All-In-One Articulation Program and Materials Kit

Starting Your Own Private Practice

How to Get Started Treating Private Clients (The Right Way)

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