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Premium Offerings for Parents of Children with Speech and Language Delays

The Speech and Language Therapy Guide

Best Seller! For children who say more than 50 words but are having trouble creating complete sentences and/or using language throughout the day.

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All-In-One Articulation Program and Materials Kit

For children who have trouble pronouncing certain sounds.


Jump Start Your Late Talker

For children who say fewer than 50 words and aren’t yet putting 2 words together to form short phrases.


Free Materials

Download and print free therapy games, flashcards, and materials that you can use at home!

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General Resources

Are you new to the world of speech therapy?  Check out these general resources to get you started.

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Vocabulary Page

Check out Carrie’s activities for improving your child’s vocabulary.

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Expressive Language Resources

Find activities and guides for doing therapy with children who have expressive language delays.

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Receptive Language Resources

Find activities and guides for helping children who have receptive language delays.

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Speech Sound Resources

Help for children who have trouble saying specific sounds.

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Behavior and Sensory Page

See what can be done to help children who have sensory or behavior problems.

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Nonverbal Children

Is your child not speaking at all yet?  Find out more here!

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Increasing Sentence Length

Find out how to help your child speak in longer, more complete sentences.

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