Easter is a wonderful holiday full of fun activities for kids.  Here are some Easter speech therapy activities that you can do at home or in your speech therapy office!

Easter Speech Therapy Activities #1:

Speech Word Easter egg Hunt!

What kid doesn’t love Easter egg hunts?  This is a perfect opportunity for your child to practice whatever sound he’s been working on.  Choose one sound that your child struggles with and find pictures of words that have that sound in it.  Print off those pictures on pieces of paper and fold them up so they fit inside one of those plastic Easter eggs.  Hide the Easter eggs around the house or room and have your child go find them.  Every time he finds an egg, he needs to open it up and say the word that’s inside.  If your child has trouble producing those sounds in words, you can just have particular letters written on pieces of paper and have your child say the sound that letter makes when he opens up the egg.  It may be a good idea to have a few with chocolate or money as well just to spice things up!

Easter Speech Therapy Activities #2:

Dying Eggs or Coloring Paper Eggs: Following Directions, Colors, Letters

You can even work speech and language into your egg dying routine!  If you dye eggs with your child, have him practice writing letters on the egg with a white crayon before you dye it.  The dye won’t stick where you put the crayon so you’ll be able to see it once the egg is dyed.  If your child can’t write yet or has trouble seeing what she’s writing, you can write it for her.  Once the eggs are dry, you’ll be able to see the sounds and you can have your child practice the sound as she finds them or before she eats it.  You can also create written or picture instructions for the steps to dying the eggs so your child can practice following directions as well.  If you don’t plan on dying eggs with your child, you can always print out Easter egg coloring pages (like from Google Image Search) and have your child decorate them.  You can even write letters on them just like you would have real eggs.   Don’t forget while you’re dying or coloring to be talking about the colors you’re using as well!  If you have multiple children, you could have each child in charge of one color so you can talk about who has which one.

Easter Speech Therapy Activities #3:

Social Skills at the Dinner Table

For many families, Easter means big dinners with the whole family.  There are social rules that govern how we use language at the dinner table just as there are for any social situation.  Prior to your family meal would be a great time to discuss these social rules with your child.  Think about the things that are expected or not tolerated in your family and discuss those with your child.  Here are some ideas of other language rules that are typical for family dinners:

  • Don’t talk with your mouth full
  • Don’t hog the conversation, let other people talk
  • If you join the conversation, stay on topic
  • Politely ask for others to pass food instead of grabbing
  • Say please and thank you
  • Ask politely if you need to get up or be done

You may want to also review family members’ names if your child hasn’t seen them in a while.  During dinner, gently remind your child of the rules you discussed before.  If you think your child will have trouble, you could always write these rules out ahead of time and review them before dinner.

I hope everyone has a happy Easter and enjoys spending time with their families and with their children.  Enjoy these Easter speech therapy activities and don’t forget to celebrate the fantastic person that your child is and appreciate him for who he is.  Every child is unique, just like the beautiful Easter eggs you created!  Thank you for reading and sign up for my email newsletter if you’d like to receive more great speech and language activities like this delivered directly to your inbox.

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