Having trouble making your group therapy session run smoothly?  Check out this video with four different approaches to group therapy plus tips for managing student behavior, collecting data, and starting your sessions off smoothly.

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Another Approach for UnGroup Therapy:

I just spoke with the owners of “Speedy Speech” which is another program for shorter, individual speech sessions.  Here’s what she has to say about their program (which looks awesome in my opinion!)

Speedy Speech™ has a…

  • Step-by-Step Manual,
  • the Auditory Bombardment is organized in minimal triplet sets,
  • 4 sections of Auditory Discrimination sets on one page,
  • and the colorful picture, work/phrase/sentence are on one page organized in one and two syllable sections.
  • Also included is a reproducible yearly calendar,
  • parent and teacher letters to introduce the program and for any changes,
  • and parent/student rating scale.
  • The Therapy Log form is designed to help track individual progress and evaluate/measure student performance on a session by session basis.  It is organized for quick and easy data entry.

We designed the program so that a SLP sees the child for approximately 10 minutes, included the relevant homework review, drill, marks the Log Sheet and is finished for the day.  No nightly/weekend work!  No looking for activities, lessons, games, homework, etc.  Start the next session where you left off.  The work was ALL done for an SLP.  Teachers and parents love the quickness of not having the child out of the classroom and students out of therapy in less time.  All data, research driven.

The HOME page is http://www.speedyspeechtherapy.com/index.html  and the PROGRAM SAMPLE page is http://www.speedyspeechtherapy.com/ProgramSamples.html

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