Today we are joined by Karli Koning from to talk about challenging behavior problems in children. Karli explains how to figure out the function of a child’s behavior and use that information to help correct it.Listen to the interview here or keep scrolling to view the notes:

Show Notes:

  • ABC Model of Looking at Behaviors
    • Removes the emotional component of dealing with behaviors
    • A: Antecedent: What happens before the behavior occurs
    • B: Behavior: Look at the actions of the child
    • C: Consequence: Anything that happens after or as a result of the behavior
    • Choose one type of behavior or situation to collect data on at any one time
  • Functions of Behaviors
    • Try to analyze why the behavior happened
    • Function is either to get something or avoid/escape something
  • Interventions
    • Come up with a replacement behavior that you can teach them that will give them a more appropriate way to communicate that need
    • Change the environment so the behavior is less likely to occur
    • Make the old behavior less effective (don’t respond to that)
  • Reinforcement vs. Punishment
    • Reinforcement will allow you to reinforce positive behaviors (the replacement behavior) whereas punishment applies a consequence for the old, inappropriate behavior
    • There are some situations where punishment is necessary but you should always start by reinforcing the positive behavior and making the old behavior less effective
  • Match the replacement behavior to the skill level of the child

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Click Here to Download the Behavioral Analysis Form and Replacement Behaviors Handouts

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