homemade communication boards

What are Communication Boards?

Communication boards are a great, inexpensive way to provide someone with a means to communicate who may not be able to speak yet.  Each board contains several pictures that represent different message that the person may want to say.  The person using the board will then point to what he or she wants.

Who Can Use Communication Boards?

Communication boards are used by children and adults who have a hard time speaking.  This includes children with autism or apraxia as well as adults who have aphasia as a result of a stroke.  Communication boards are easy and cheap to put together so they are a great option when you’re not sure what type of alternative communication method will be right for the person you’re working with.

How Can I Make Cheap Communication Boards Myself?

This video will teach you how to create a simple communication board from a cookie sheet, magnetic tape, and pictures.  You will also learn how to use a communication board to help those who cannot speak, such as those with autism, apraxia, or aphasia.

How Do I Teach Someone to Use Communication Boards?

You can teach someone to use a communication board by simply showing them how to do it.  When you’re speaking to the child, point to some of the pictures as you talk.  This will give the child a great model of how the board is meant to be used.  For example, you can say “do you want a banana?” as you point to the banana picture, or even the “want” picture and then the “banana” picture.

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