Jump Start Your Late Talker eBook

  • For children who say fewer than 50 words and aren’t putting two words together yet.

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Jump Start Your Late Talker eBook

This 8-week program will show you what you can do at home to help jump start your late talker.  Includes language stimulation techniques along with vocabulary activities that will strategically tempt your child to say new words.

Why is this Program Helpful?

  • It allows you to begin therapy techniques immediately while you’re waiting to see the speech therapist.
  • It will give you additional information to tell the speech therapist so that she can jump right in with the most effective strategies for your child.
  • This program may be all your child needs to get jump started and you may not have to continue paying for speech therapy sessions if your child catches up on his own.
  • This program may help your child make faster progress in speech therapy since you will be working with him at home. With continued use of these strategies, you may be able to “graduate” from speech therapy early, saving you money and helping your child catch up more quickly.

What are the Components of This Program? Is there Research to Support It?

  • Each week targets one indirect therapy technique that is research-based and child-centered. These are techniques that speech-language pathologists use in therapy to increase speech output:

    •  Self Talk and Parallel Talk: Providing a running commentary of what you or your child are doing (Paul, 2007, pg 77)
    •  Expansions: Adding on to what a child has said, increasing probability that the child will imitate part of the expansion (Paul, 2007, pg 77
    •  Sign Language: Research Shows that use of augmented communication (such as sign language) does not inhibit speech production and can actually encourage it! (Millar, et. al., 2006)

  • Each week also includes a variety of vocabulary activities that are designed by a speech-language pathologist based on these research-based therapies:

    •  Focused Stimulation: Modeling a specific word for your child over and over in meaningful ways (Paul, 2007, pg 79).
    •  Milleu Teaching: Structuring situations that will tempt your child to say a specific word and prompting if the child does not say anything (Paul, 2007, pg 80).

Less Than the Price of Speech Therapy Sessions

For less than the price of one speech therapy session (in most cases), you can have the equivalent of eight weeks of speech therapy assignments and homework! Or, if you're a speech therapist, you can have 8 weeks worth of lesson plans and homework assignments for less than the amount charged during a single session! Plus, I promise to refund the full purchase price if you are not happy within the first 30 days. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

What Does ASHA Say About Language Stimulation?

The American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) just recently published an article on their blog about the effectiveness of language facilitation.  The article supported exactly these types of therapies for children with late talkers.  You can read the article here:

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