Are you a speech therapist or parent of a middle schooler with speech/language problems?  If so, you’ve come to the right place!  Check out my fantastic speech therapy resources for children in middle school.

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Middle School Communication Skills:

So what communication skills are needed for children in middle school?  Well, for that we go the Common Core State Standards.  These standards were set forth by the US government as a way to measure progress of American schools.  This curriculum outlines exactly what skills children should master in each grade.

There are a ton of different communication skills that are outlined in the text.  For a full account of what the curriculum includes, click the link below:

Click Here to Read the English Language Arts Standards

However, in case you don’t feel like falling asleep right now, let me share with you some of my favorite speech therapy resources for middle schoolers:

Social Skills for Middle Schoolers:

One of the things I get asked about most for this age is how to run a social skills group.  I’ve broken down exactly how to run the group as well as given you an excellent tool that will provide you with SUPERB social skills videos that you can use during your next social skills lesson.  Check it out:

How to Teach Social Skills to Middle Schoolers (Plus an AWESOME tool!)

Carrie’s Top Therapy Activities and Guides for Middle Schoolers:

Make it Fun!

Middle schoolers are notorious for being more than a bit skeptical of our cutsie speech therapy ways.  That means, you can’t just purchase any old cartooney product from Teachers Pay Teachers and expect your middle schoolers to be excited about it.  You have to appeal to THEIR interests!

For that reason, I find YouTube to be an excellent resource to use when finding materials for this age.  You can find practical examples of what you’re teaching, plus you can find things that appeal to the students’ interests.

One of my favorite examples of such an activity includes my friend Kyle’s “Rapping Meatballs” video.  Ok, that’s not actually what it’s called but I think that sounds way cooler 😉

Kyle raps about how to make spaghetti and meatballs.  Kyle perfectly sequences out the steps to creating this favorite dish while still keeping in fun, funky, and fresh (sorry Kyle, I’m clearly not a rapper…).  Here’s the video and below are the steps to turning it into a fantastic listening and sequencing activity:

Click Here to Visit Kyle Boy O.V.’s YouTube Channel

Rappin’ Meatballs Sequencing Activity

  1. Have your students watch the video above once through.
  2. Ask about the main idea.  What was the rapper making?
  3. Have the students watch it again and write down the important steps from the rap.  (They must use listening and thinking skills to determine what in the rap is an important step and what is filler)
  4. Cut the steps apart onto separate strips of paper and mix them up.  Have the students rearrange the steps into the correct order, watching the video for help if needed.

Bonus Videos for Middle School Therapy:

Each weekday, I create a new training video for my elite members based on a question that one of them had.  I’ve done several videos in the membership area that are specifically about middle schoolers.  Here are a few of those videos:

How to Do a Social Skills Group for Middle Schoolers:

(Sorry this one is a bit blurry, I’ve fixed the blurry problem since making this)

social skills group middle school conversation

Processing and Understanding Activities for Middle Schoolers:

6-18-15 Processing and Understanding Activities for Middle Schoolers
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