In this episode of the Speech and Language Kids Podcast, I give you outdoor activities for speech and language development.  And in the quick tip, I’ll tell you how you can get direct therapy for your child from me from the comfort of your home.

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Outdoor Activities Summary Notes:

In this episode, I tell you how you can use outdoor activities for speech and language practice and explain how to use all of these different materials for speech and language development:

    • Sidewalk Chalk
      • Write letters, practice sounds or words
      • Hopscotch to the sounds or words
      • positional concepts: over, under, on, around, etc.
    • Hoola Hoops
      • Jump in and out while practicing sound/word
      • Take turns by rolling it back and forth (use words)
      • Label body parts as you try to swing it around that part
    • Bikes
      • Take turns using words
      • Answer where questions (where are you going?)
      • Play pretend: pretend to go to the store or pool
    • Balls
      • Ask a question and throw the ball to someone who has to answer, then ask the next person
      • Name a category and whoever has the ball has to come up with one thing in that category until you run out
      • Use descriptive vocab: bounce it high or low, throw it fast or slow
      • Talk about verbs: bounce, throw, roll, dribble, shoot, etc
    • Go for a Walk
      • Talk about things you see
      • Talk about things you’ve done
      • Talk about things you want to do
    • Blow Bubbles
      • Have your child request more
      • See if you can make them big/little, a lot/few
      • Ask your child how to blow them, high or low?  fast or slow?
    • Sports
      • Talk about the rules
      • Practice turn-taking
      • Talk about strategy

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