On this episode of the Speech and Language Kids Podcast, I tell you about some super fun spring speech therapy activities that you can do at home or in speech therapy that will improve your child’s speech and language skills.  And in the quick tip, I share where you can find more fun themed speech and language activities.

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Spring Speech Therapy Activities Notes:

    • Speech: Multi-syllabic bug names
      • Tons of bugs out in spring
      • Kids have trouble with 3-4 syllable
      • Practice saying bug names with many syllables
      • Get a poster board, divide into four columns: 1, 2, 3, 4 syllables
      • Print out pictures of bugs online or write words
      • Have your child tell you how many syllables
      • Practice saying with all parts and all sounds
        • clap it out
        • backward chaining
        • forward chaining
        • break into two parts
        • put all together
      • Put on poster in right place
      • Practice saying them later
    • Planting a Seed: Following Directions
      • Create an activity where your child plants a seed
      • Write out directions for older children, speak the directions or make picture directions for younger
      • 2 ways to do this:
        • Get a pot, put in dirt, poke a hole, put in seed, water
        • Get a bean seed, put a wet paper towel in a plastic ziplock baggie, put seed between bag and paper towel, seal baggie, lay in sun
      • Recall after
    • Learning Spring Words:
      • Find spring words online (make two of each one for games)
      • Cut into flashcards
      • Play games with the cards
        • memory, go fish, put in bag and pull out, put in bucket of beans, hide around house, tape to wall in bathroom with flashlight
    • Sequencing Growth
      • Pictures online of a plant growing or an animal growing up
      • Sequence the pictures, which comes first, the baby or the adult?  The seed or the plant?
      • Take pictures of the child’s seed he planted growing and sequence those
    • Literacy:
      • Check out books from the library about spring
      • Talk about vocabulary words in the books
      • Talk about sequences you see in the book
      • Answer comprehension questions about book: /reading-comprehension
    • Ideas for Spring Activities: Make a plan, writing
      • Have your child come up with ideas of what to do this spring
      • Brainstorm all of the types of things you do in spring (web)
      • Choose the ones he likes the best
      • Make a plan for when they will happen and what he needs to make it work
      • Write it all down and check in later

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