In this episode of the Speech and Language Kids Podcast, I give you a step-by-step guide to getting your child understanding and following directions.  And in the Quick Tip, I tell you about a Facebook Group where you can connect with me and fellow parents and professionals who work with children with speech and language delays.

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Following Directions Summary Notes

In this episode, I will discuss:

-How to make a list of common directions

  • Think about directions that you commonly give your child or listen to the directions that the child’s classroom teacher typically gives

-How to create visual aids for teaching your child

  • Take pictures of your child or another child following those directions

-How to teach your child those directions

  • Sit your child down and show him the picture.  Give him the direction and help him complete the action.  Then, praise him with toys, hugs, or whatever motivates him.  Keep doing this until he can follow them whenever you show him the picture.

-How to incorporate those directions into daily life

  • Show him the picture and give the direction during daily routines.  As he gets better, fade the picture so you don’t need to show him anymore.
  • Keep working until he can follow the directions all the time.

– How to help your child follow multi-step directions

  • Use the same procedure but lay two picture cards out and give both of the directions.  Make sure you say “first, then” when giving the directions.  Then, use them in daily life and eventually fade out the use of the picture cues.

– How to get your child to follow novel directions

  • Use the same procedure but give different directions every time so your child gets used to listening for weird things like “clap your hands” or “touch your nose”.

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