Today, Carrie Clark is joined by speech-language pathologist Kyle Meades from  Kyle shares with us an overview of working with children with voice disorders.


Speech therapy Private Practice Startup Podcast

Show Notes:

  • ENT Referral: Get it first!
  • Look for reflux, bad posture, overuse (it’s always a symptom of something else)
  • Assesment:
    • palpate the larynx during swallow and vocalizing
    • listen and get samples
    • look back in the mouth
  • Screaming and Sensory Problems:
    • laryngeal massage
    • easy onset
    • volume control: computer programs like IBM speech viewer
  • Environmental factors:
        • loud places and eqiupment
        • excessive use of whispering
        • dry environment
        • acid reflux
        • excessive throat clearing
        • stroke and medical
        • swimming with ear infection

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