In this video, speech-language pathologist Carrie Clark shows you how you can use the same activity to work on multiple speech skills.  This is helpful for group therapy or traveling therapist who can only take a limited number of materials with them.


  • Book Reading
    • Talk about vocabulary in pictures
    • Ask questions about story and pictures
    • Retell portions of the story for grammar
    • Talk about the social situations and expected behavior
    • Ask the child to point to various things in the book for following directions
    • Listen for words that contain the child’s speech sounds and practice when they come up
  • Play Dough
    • Use cookie cutters to talk about vocabulary or build something and have the child guess what it is
    • Ask questions about what the child is doing
    • Make letters out of play dough and then practice words with that sound
    • Act out and describe scenarios with the play dough to target grammar
    • Practice play skills and interaction skills while working together with play dough
    • Ask the child to follow directions with the play dough
  • Puzzles
    • Name objects or talk about what the picture may be
    • Ask questions about the picture on the puzzle
    • Have the child practice his speech sounds 5x before he gets the next piece
    • Describe the picture or the pieces with full sentences to target grammar
    • Have children work together to complete the puzzle
    • Have children follow directions with the pieces of the puzzle
  • Game
    • Label the parts of the game and the actions necessary to complete
    • Ask questions about the board/game
    • Have the child practice his speech words so many times before his turn
    • Have the child describe the rules of the game and game play using good grammar
    • Talk about how to be a good winner/loser and how to take turns
    • Give the child directions to follow for set up, tear down, and game play
  • Marble Works
    • Talk about the different tracks and marbles, use some describing words
    • Ask questions about what the ball is doing or how the child is setting up the tracks
    • Have the child practice his speech sound 5x before getting the next track or marble
    • Have the child describe what is happening in full sentences to practice grammar
    • Have the children work together to create something using good social language
    • Have the children follow directions to create something
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