Click here to download the Verb Picture Cards for free!

Verb Picture Cards Short Description:

Print out these verb picture cards to use with your child to help her learn action words.  Also includes ideas for using the cards to work on answering questions, grammar, and vocabulary.  Pictures include real photos of adults and children engaging in those actions.  Perfect for speech-language pathologists to use in speech therapy or for use in home practice.

Verb Picture Cards Printing Instructions:

Print these cards on card stock or thicker paper. If desired, laminate these cards so they are more durable. Cut out the cards and use them according to the activities below. Choose one skill that your child needs to work on and do that activity.

Verb Picture Cards Speech and Language Activities:


  • Receptive Actions: Place a few cards out in front of your child. Ask him to point to one of the cards (“point to running” or “which one is dancing?”). This skill is easier than having him tell you what the people are doing. Start with this and once he can do it, move on to expressive.
  • Expressive Actions: Show your child one of the cards. Ask her to tell you what the person is do-ing. Help your child tell you the name of the action.


  •  -ing: Help your child use the “-ing” word ending on the end of a verb. When you ask your child what someone is doing, have him say “jumping” or “running”.
  • Pronouns: You can also use these cards to help your child use the words “he” and “she”. Have your child tell you the whole sentence “She is jumping” or “he is touching his toes”.
  • Possessive Pronouns: Once your child gets good at saying “he” and “she”, start working on “his” and “her”. You can have your child make longer sentence like “She is clapping her hands” or “He is blowing his bubbles”.
  • Helping Verbs: Make sure you have your child use the helping verb “is” when she makes sentences about the cards.

Answering Questions

  • Who Questions: Lay a few pictures out in front of your child and ask her who is doing a certain ac-tion. Have her answer by saying “the boy, the girl, or the woman”. Or, you could give each of the people names.
  • What Questions: Ask your child what people are using to perform their action. For example, you could ask “what is she riding?” or “what is she playing with?”
  • Where Questions: Ask your child questions about where people are in the pictures. You could ask “Where is she laying?” or “Where is she eating?”

You can download these flashcards for free by clicking on the button below.

Click here to download the Verb Picture Cards for free!

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