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When Questions Games Short Description:

Help teach a child to answer “when” questions using these three games of varying difficulty level.  Start with “when” questions that focus on things that happen during the day or at night.  Then, move to “when” questions about things that happen in the winter vs. the summer.  Finally, try a mixed collection of “when” questions that are more difficult and cover a variety of time concepts.  Included instructions guide you through teaching this skill.

When Questions Games Materials:

  • Three File Folders
  • Paper to print this file
  • Adhesive Velcro (such as dots or strips, can be found at walmart or craft stores)

When Questions Games Assembly Instructions:

1. Print out pages 3-8 on regular printer paper. Glue pages 3 and 4 on the inside of one file folder as shown above. Do the same for pages 5 and 6 on another and 7 and 8 on yet another file fold-er. If desired, laminate the file folders for added protection.
2. Print pages 9 and 10 on card stock or thicker printer paper. If desired, laminate these pages for added protection. Cut out each square and attach a piece of Velcro to the back of each one.
3. Place Velcro pieces on the file folder next to each question where the answer will go. Make sure to use the opposite side of the Velcro from the ones you put on the pieces.
4. Use the game as described in the instructions on the following page. Choose one skill that your child needs to work on and do the activity for that skill.

When Questions Games Activities:

When Questions included:

Night or Day Questions:

  • When do you take a bath?
  • When do you ride your bike?
  • When do you eat breakfast?
  • When do you read a bedtime story?
  • When do you turn on the lights?
  • When do you play outside?
  • When do you go to bed?
  • When do you go swimming?

Winter or Summer Questions:

  • When do you go swimming?
  • When do you build a snowman?
  • When do you make hot chocolate?
  • When do the flowers grow?
  • When do you ride your bike?
  • When do you play outside?
  • When do you wear gloves?
  • When do you wear a coat?

Mixed When Questions:

  • When do you wash your hands?
  • When do you eat?
  • When do you sleep?
  • When do you build a snowman?
  • When do you clap for someone?
  • When do you use a golf ball?
  • When do you see the doctor?
  • When do you use goggles?

Answering Questions:

This game is great for children working on “When” questions. I recommend starting with the “night” and “day” folder first because those time concepts are the easiest for little ones to grasp. Point out a picture on the folder to your child and ask the question. Help your child find the correct answer based on his or her level:

  • Level 1: Show your child two possible answers and have him pick the right one and place it next to the question.
  • Level 2: Show your child three or four possible answers (this only applies to the mixed “when” questions where there are numerous choices. If you are using the “night and day” or “summer and winter” games, just skip this step.
  • Level 3: Ask your child the question and allow her to see the picture (from the question) but do not show her any of the possible answers. See if she can come up with it on her own. When she does, hand her the answer and let her Velcro it on
  • Level 4: Ask your child the question without using any visuals (put the folder away). Do this during conversation/play or while playing a structured game (such as, your child must an-swer a question before each turn).

Once your child can answer all of the questions from the “night and day” game, move on to the seasons one. Then, try the mixed “when” questions. While you’re doing this, keep talking about how “when” means time. Explain that “time” can mean night vs. day, summer vs. winter, or any other way to mark time. Once your child can do all of these questions, try asking other “when” questions such as questions about holidays (when do we go trick-or-treating?) or specific time questions (when do you get up in the morning).

Time Concepts:

This game has many great opportunities to talk about time concepts with your child. You can talk about things that happen at night vs. during the day, or things that happen when it is cold or hot outside. You can even get out a calendar or clock to show your child some of these con-cepts on paper. If your child is struggling with time concepts, try putting up a calendar in your child’s room and marking special events and activities on it. Then, you can look at daily to talk about concepts like today, tomorrow, next week, past, future, etc.


There are many great vocabulary words in this game. You can work on them receptively (“point to the shirt”) or expressively (“What’s this?”).

Spatial Concepts:

Use this game to work on concepts such as “next to” (put it next to the book) and “beside”.

Cause and Effect:

The mixed “when” questions focus heavily on cause and effect relationships. This is a great opportunity to explain to your child how one event can cause another. Talk about the causes of things that you and your child do throughout the day, then talk about the causes of the actions that are related to these questions as well.

Click here to download the When Questions File Folder Game for free!

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