This is Episode # 14 of the Speech and Language Kids Podcast!  This is the podcast with activities and resources for families of children with speech and language delays and disorders. Today I’m going to tell you about cooking activities that you can do with your child to work on speech and language skills.  And in the quick tip I’ll share a blog that’s all about improving speech and language skills as well as healthy eating at the same time.

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Cooking Activities Show Notes:

Ideas for Working on Speech and Language during Cooking Activities:

  • Following Recipe
    • Recipes for kids, picture recipes, write your own /picture-recipes (making learning fun)
    • Works on following directions
  • Sequencing
    • Talk about what to do first, next, last
    • Recall afterwards, what you did first, next, last
  • Talk about and label actions
    • stir, pour, mix, dump, bake, cook
  • Talk about descriptive words
    • How does it taste, smell, feel, look, sound?
  • Talk about names of foods you’re using
  • Target foods with a lot of your child’s speech sound
  • Have your child request the things he needs
  • Take pictures while you’re doing it and make a book or album later.  Have your child describe what happened to someone else by looking at the pictures
  • Ask your child questions during and after the activity to make sure they understand what’s going on

Links and Resources Shared:

  • Pre-Made picture recipes for basic foods: Making Learning Fun
  • Speech Snacks: A great website/blog with resources and activities designed to improve speech and language and encourage healthy eating at the same time.  I love this!!  Seriously, go check it out!!
  • Email me your questions for the next episode of the podcast which will be a parent/SLP questions episode.  Send questions to and I will put together the most common questions/most popular ones in an episode.

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