Click here to download the Preschool Vocabulary and Question Cards for free!

Preschool Flash Cards and Question Cards

Preschool Flash Cards Short Description:

251 flash cards of common nouns organized by category.  Each card contains a picture on the front of the card along with the written word as well as several yes/no and “wh-” questions on the back to give you ideas for working on questions as well as vocabulary.  Categories include: farm animals, zoo animals, other animals, clothing, food, household items, bathroom items, kitchen items, vehicles, school supplies, toys, and outdoor vocabulary.  There are several words per category.

Preschool Flash Cards Printing Instructions:

Print these preschool flash cards on card stock or thicker paper. Print them double-sided so the questions are on the back of the pictures.  If desired, laminate these cards so they are more durable. If desired, attach the cards with rings by category so you can easily find the category you’re looking for.  Cut out the cards and use them according to the activities below. Choose one skill that your child needs to work on and do that activity.

Preschool Flash Cards Activities:

  • Receptive Vocabulary: Place a few pictures in front of your child and ask him to point to one of the pictures.  You can say “show me the cat” or “touch cat”.  Start with just two pictures to choose from and then work your way up to having more pictures in front of your child.  This will help him understand what things are called (this skill comes before they are able to name the objects).
  • Expressive Vocabulary: Ask your child to name the pictures on these cards.  If your child struggles with a certain words or categories, you will know that you need to spend extra time teaching your child those words.
  • Answering Questions: These cards contain questions on the back that you can ask your child to work on listening and responding skills.  Each card contains a variety of question words including yes/no questions as well as who, what, where, when, why, and how questions.  Show your child a card and then ask the questions from the back.
Click here to download the Preschool Vocabulary and Question Cards for free!

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