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Speech/Language Bingo Description:

Use these printable Bingo cards to improve your child’s speech and language skills during long car rides.  There are cards to address a variety of speech and language skills so check them out and see which ones will work for your child(ren).

Speech/Language Bingo Instructions:

1. Print off a lot of these boards (make multiple copies of each board) and gather clipboards and pencils before the trip.  (Or make your own Bingo boards and do the same game!)

2. Choose a board that is appropriate for your child.  Choose one that will challenge him/her slightly but won’t be so difficult as to be frustrating.  If you have multiple children, choose a board for each child.  They don’t need to be working on the same skill or board to make this fun.

3. Have your child fill in the board according to the instructions.  If your child is not old enough to do this, you can do it for him.  For most boards, this involves writing one word from the category or prompt into each box.  This will allow a large number of combinations for each board so that you can play again and again.

4. Determine the winning rule and the prize.  The winning rule can be the first to get five in a row, a 3 x 3 box square, or if you want to get the most bang for your buck (and the most occupied time for the kids), try for blackout by having them cover the whole board!  The prize will depend on your children.  If you have one child, you may want to set a goal of how many boards they can fill before you reach your destination.  For example, if they get 7 Bingos, they get the prize.  If you have more than one child, you can keep track of how many times each child wins and whoever gets the most gets the prize.  The prize could be the right to choose where the family eats dinner or first choice at beds in the hotel room.  Or, it could be that the whole family will call your child King or Queen for the rest of the day.  Be creative, you don’t have to buy a toy or feed them sugar to make it motivating!

5. Play the game!  Have your child look for the items in their board.  When they find one, they must call it out and mark it off their board.  Whoever gets “BINGO” first wins!

6. Play again!  After someone wins, turn in the boards and play again.  Be sure to print enough to last you through as much of the trip as you need!


  • If you can’t think of enough items from the given category or prompt, you can repeat some so that you fill up the boxes.  If that is the case, you can mark off one square with that item each time you see it.
  • You may not use items that are inside your own vehicle.  This will prevent cheating in older children!
  • A board may be abandoned if all players agree that it will be too difficult to find the remaining items.  If a stalemate occurs and not all parties agree, a parent may make and over-riding decision.
  • You may use billboards and signs to find your items as words or pictures.
Click here to download the Road Trip Bingo Printables for free!

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