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Sign Language Flash Cards Short Description:

This product contains sign language flash cards of 59 common first words that you can teach your child to help him/her communicate better at home. This purchase allows you to download the file and print and cut out the cards. Each card contains a picture of the object/action on the front and the sign language sign on the back. These flashcards also include instructions on how you can use them to teach your child new words.  Also, view my post about using sign language to jumpstart late talkers!

You can also view the videos of these signs here:

Sign Language Flash Cards Printing Instructions:

Print the following pages on card stock or thicker paper. Print the pages on the front and back of pieces of paper so that the sign language is on the back of the picture of the object or action. Laminate the pages if desired for added protection. Then, cut out the cards and use as flashcards.

Sign Language Flash Cards Speech and Language Activities:

Teaching Vocabulary:

You can use these sign language flash cards to teach your child a new word. Choose one card each time you work with your child. Get out the object on the card or if it is an action card, get out several objects that you can use to perform that action. Play with that object with your child and say/sign the word many times for your child. Encourage your child to imitate your word or sign the object or action to request it.

Receptive Vocabulary:

Place two or three of the sign language flash cards in front of your child with the picture side (not the sign) up. Ask your child to point to one of the pictures. You can say “show me the ball” or “touch the car”. Then, help your child point to the correct picture. This will help him learn the words.

Expressive Vocabulary:

Ask your child “what is this?” when showing him a picture of an object or “what is she doing?” for pictures of actions. Help your child say or sign what they see in the picture.

Sign Language:

You can use these sign language flash cards to learn signs for common first words. Researchers have found that using sign language when you speak to your child can increase her language and vocabulary skills and having a child use sign language to communicate can serve as a bridge to spoken communication.

Hide the Cards:

You can do any of the above activities by hiding the sign language flash cards. If you’re working on receptive vocabulary, hide a few cards around the room in plain sight. Have your child go find the one you say. If you’re working on expressive vocabulary, hide the cards in a bag of beans, laundry, or anything else. When your child finds a card, have him tell you what it’s called.  You can also tape these to the wall in a dark room and have your child “find” them with a flashlight.

Click here to download the sign language flashcards for free!

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