In this episode of the Speech and Language Kids Podcast, I answer the question of “What is an IEP Plan?” by giving you an overview of what to expect from the IEP process (for parents).  And in the quick tip, I share a website for learning sign language that you can use with your child with a language delay.

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What is An IEP Plan?

An IEP is an Individualized Education Program.  This is the plan that your child’s public school must complete if your child is found to have a disability.  In this episode, you will learn about the following steps to the IEP process:

**Disclaimer: This is how the IEP process works in Missouri.  Other states may do things slightly differently but it will all follow the same basic format because many of these things are federally mandated

  • What is an IEP Plan?
    1. How The IEP Process is started:
      1. Parent Referral
      2. Teacher Referral
    1. When a referral comes in
      1. Screening by an SLP
    1. Is there concern that your child may have a disability?
      1. Yes: Begin IEP evaluation process
      2. No: give you and the teacher strategies to use at home
    1. Begin Evaluation Process
    2. First meeting: Review of Existing Data
      1. Discuss all areas of development
      2. Determine which areas are suspected of being in disability
      3. Determine which testing should be done
      4. Get your consent to test
    1. Professionals will do the testing
      1. Speech Testing
      2. Language Testing
      3. Fluency Testing
      4. Educational Impact
    1. Evaluation Meeting
      1. Must be done within 60 days of consent to test
      2. Will tell you if your child qualifies for services
    1. Does She Qualify?
      1. Yes: Have 30 days to write the IEP
      2. No: You can ask for strategies or home ideas for areas that were low but didn’t qualify, you can also ask for local speech therapists that you could pay privately to do speech therapy with your child
    1. The IEP meeting
      1. child’s strengths and your concerns
      1. How his disability impacts his participation in school
      1. How your child will participate in standardized testing
      1. Goals that your child’s therapists will target
      1. How many minutes each professional will work with your child for
      1. Where those services will take place
      1. Any modifications that need to made during the school day for your child to learn best
      2. You sign to initiate or change any services, placement, etc.
    1. What Next?
      1. Another IEP in one year
      2. Another re-eval in 3 years

    Your Rights as a Parent:

    • You can request an IEP meeting at any time
    • You have 10 days to think about any changes before they are made
    • You can bring anyone you want to the meeting
    • You should be given 10 days notice of the meeting
    • You get a copy of the IEP
    • You should know what’s happening with your child’s education
    • Public Schools only, private schools don’t have to follow this

What is an IEP Plan-Resources and Links:

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