The topic of this episode of the Speech and Language Kids Podcast is communication-based behavior problems.  And in the quick tip, I share a website where you can learn about a behavior system that you can use in your home to improve behavior.

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Communication-Based Behavior Problems

In this episode, I discuss:

– The connection between tantrums and behavior problems and the inability to communicate.  Many children with speech and language delays have trouble with behaviors, you are not alone!

– Behaviors commonly seen in children who can’t communicate include the following and many more!

  • Getting frustrated due to not being able to communicate
  • Giving up trying to communicate easily
  • Screaming and kicking when not getting their way due to lack of communication and negotiation skills
  • Difficulty with transitions between what the child is already doing and a new activity

– What you can do to alleviate these behaviors

  • Provide alternate means of communicating, such as offering pictures, having child lead you to what he wants, etc.
  • When speaking to your child, such as to give directions, show him pictures of what you want him to do or what you’re trying to tell him
  • Prepare for transitions using pictures of what is coming next or where you are going
  • Provide choices (even when there isn’t really a choice) so your child feels some control
  • Prep for difficult outings or events with social stories-See my link on social stories for more ideas:
  • Practice desired behaviors before they happen and then show pictures or remind before the actual event.  Praise your child for good behaviors, even if you had to help him do it.
  • Follow through with consequences and be consistent, including across different care providers.  Make sure Grandma, babysitter, Dad, and everyone has the same expectations for your child and is following through with the same consequences

Communication-Based Behavior Problems Resources and Links shared in this episode:

  • Positive Behavior Support (PBS) Website: A great program used in many school districts that you can use at home to prevent and treat problem behaviors.  Includes information on how to help children with autism and developmental disabilities using PBS:

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