In this video, speech-language pathologist Carrie Clark shows you how to teach a child to use irregular past tense verbs.

Use Before and After Pictures:

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Show the before and then the after and ask “what happened?”.  The child must use the correct past tense to talk about what happened.

Or, Act it Out:

Tell the child “watch me” and then do an action that you know has an irregular past tense verb.

Then, ask the student “what happened?” and have the student use the past tense to describe it.

Practice them Over and Over Again:

Much of using irregular past tense is just having to memorize what each one is.  There aren’t a ton of rules and the rules that do exist have a ton of exceptions.  It’s best to just explicitly teach each one and practice them over and over again.

Start Correcting and Reminding in Conversation:

Once they start to get the hang of it, start correcting them in conversation or repeating back their errors to see if they can fix it themselves.  You want them to hear that it sounds wrong.

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